3 Ways My Business Has Grown My Ministry

3 Ways My Business Has Grown My Ministry

One of the reasons I was afraid of starting a new business was because I already have a ministry at my church, and I was afraid I would damage my “image” in my ministry. What I have found is quite the opposite. Because of the way I have chosen to market my business, I discovered that my business has actually grown my ministry, not hurt it.

What do I mean by the term “ministry”? Ministry can be a full-time, paid position or a volunteer position. It can take place in your church or outside the walls of your church. The fact is every Christian is called to ministry because ministry is love in action. We are called to love God and love others, and when we show that love to others, that is ministry.

Grow your network

I have noticed my ministry growing through my business in the expansion of my network. Most of my business comes from social media. As a result, I have made a conscious effort to grow my social media networks on Facebook and Instagram. What I have found is new “friends” or “followers” are not only seeing my business posts but also seeing my day-to-day posts, which include Bible studies, family activities, sharing of other ministry leader posts, etc. It has made my reach longer.

I am embarrassed to admit that this completely blew my mind! It had never occurred to me to grow my network for the purpose of ministry outreach. I had limited my ministry vision to those with whom I come into direct contact. What an incredible opportunity to touch others with the Gospel!


If you haven’t heard, I became an affiliate with a luxury hair care product company. It is very natural for me to compliment someone on her hair. This is a natural extension of my business. Several years ago, I was partnered with a different company that marketed purses. I felt very convicted because I could talk to anyone about a purse, but I was too timid to talk to them about Jesus. What I have found is it’s ok to begin the conversation with business as an icebreaker because the conversation doesn’t have to end there. As I develop friendships with people, the conversation could very well lead to an opportunity for me to serve them (i.e. ministry).

I attend a large church with multiple services and many Sunday school classes. There are many women in my church who never cross my path. They may have kids in the nursery while my kids are older. They may attend the 8:00 service while I attend the 9:30 service. However, many women to whom I wouldn’t have an opportunity to minister have approached me because of my business. I have met new people and cultivated new relationships because this business is a good icebreaker.

Mindset shift

I have been doing a lot of business reading for personal development and have come to the conclusion that I am not in the hair business; I am in the people business. Selling is serving. I never ever want to sell something to someone, knowing it will not serve her, just so I can make the sale.

My goal is to solve a pain point. You may be rolling your eyes right now thinking, “It’s just hair, not a pain point.” I get it, but let’s be clear. You know that question that people ask, “If there was one thing about yourself you could change, what would it be?” My answer has always been my hair! In fact, in college I had a crush on a guy who used my hair as an excuse not to date me. Obviously, my reaction was to say, “if that’s your reason, I don’t want you anyway,” but I still internalized that criticism. And if I can solve that pain point for someone else, then my business is a success.

Maybe the pain point is financial: you need to dig yourself out of debt, you want to take the family on a vacation, you need to buy a new car because yours is missing an engine. Presenting you with this business opportunity and showing you how to succeed could solve that pain point. That is ministry. Business is service.

So before you walk away from an opportunity because you are afraid it will negatively impact your ministry, think again. Your business can be a way to reach more people with the Gospel. It can open doors that were otherwise closed to you.

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