“Engage in the life you have now; don’t sit around waiting for the life you want” Jennifer Rothschild.

Maybe you are single, and you long to be married. Engage in the life you have now.
Perhaps you are a mother of young children, and you cannot wait for them to become more independent. Engage in the life you have now.
It could be that you are struggling with a serious illness, and you pray daily for healing. Engage in the life you have now.
God demonstrates his faithfulness and sufficiency during the “in between” times of our lives. Those are the times when we most need to be open to the lessons and blessings He wants to share with us.
No matter what hand life has dealt you, live it with a purpose and find a way to cherish every moment.

1 Thess. 5:18 “In everything give thanks.”

(Originally posted in the Women of Crossway newsletter Exchange.)


2 thoughts on “Engage

  1. It’s so difficult to truly engage when we have so many distractions coming at us and means of escaping. But I love how you say “God demonstrates His faithfulness in the in-between times.” So true!

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